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If one follows the instructions, the installation is easy and quick. I didn't follow at first and could not get it to function. If all else fails, follow instructions! After proper installation the Gate Hands work quite well and provide a secure way to keep side by side gates latched and still provide quick and easy access. It sure beats, straps, chains, wire and other ways used in the past.

Excellent gate closing latch. This the second one I have, I have used the first one on a double 12ft across my driveway. It is open and closed daily. Works great, it eliminates chains and other devices to hold 2 gates closed. The only thing that needs to change, is make it so a ratcheting wrench will fit when installing it. There isn’t enough clearance, only and open end wrench will fit. 
All in all, this latch is great. There are no other latches on the market that work on double gates.

Effective and simple gate latch... Don’t have to worry about the dogs getting out anymore due to the gates not being chained correctly... Thanks

Wonderful Design. Love the way it works.

Fantastic product!!! Purchased a set at the OKC Farm Show and installed the next day in under 15 minutes. Gates are secure and perfectly parallel which adds to the looks of a finished gate set! Will definitely be purchasing additional sets!!

We rotational graze and have been looking for a better way to latch all of our gates at the ranch. After years of searching we have found the gate latch that works. Not to mention great company to deal with